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The Pirate's Wish

The Pirate's Wish - Cassandra Rose Clarke THE PIRATE'S WISH was an exciting adventure and romance that neatly wraps up the story of Ananna and Naji begun in THE ASSASSIN'S CURSE. The story begins with Ananna and Naji marooned on a magical island and trying to break the curse that binds them together. They learned in the previous book that three impossible things had to happen before the curse could be broken.One of the things that needs to happen--true love's kiss--doesn't seem at all impossible to Ananna because she knows she love him but she doesn't know if he loves her back. When she kisses him which breaks the curse, her heart is broken when he doesn't seem to love her back. But Ananna is a pirate. She doesn't languish and go into a decline. She gets mad.Naji and Ananna have lots of adventures in the course of this story. Ananna befriends a manticore who feasts on human flesh but who has been held captive by the other wizard on the island. When rescued by their friend Marijani, they fight sea battles to capture a ship that will let them continue their quest. They have to fight the Hariri who had set an assassin on Ananna in the first place. They also have to fight creatures from the Mists who want revenge on Naji for something he did to their Lord. Fans of fantasy adventures and romances will enjoy this well-written and engaging tale. Fans of kick-butt heroines will really take Ananna to heart. I recommend this series to adventure lovers.