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Heart of Obsidian

Heart of Obsidian - Nalini Singh What an amazing story! It takes an author as talented as Nalini Singh to turn a character we have seen as frightening and immensely dangerous into a romantic hero, but she manages it ably. Kaleb Krychek has been searching for Sahara for seven years. She was kidnapped at the instigation of his "mentor" Santano Enrique and used as a lever to keep Kaleb subservient to Enrique. When the story begins, he has found her and found her badly damaged.Sahara Kyriakus had been tortured over and over again in an attempt to get her to use her very unique and powerful telepathic gift. She managed to escape by creating a labyrinth in her own mind to protect herself. She is a person of great strength and great integrity. She is also in love with Kaleb. They have known each other since she was seven and he was 13. She makes herself into his only friend and his lifeline to his humanity. The flashbacks to their childhoods helps convert the Kaleb we've seen into a sympathetic character.As the two get to know each other again, the outside world isn't taking a backseat. Pure Psy is stepping up its efforts to "purify" the Psy no matter how many acts of terrorism it will take. The Council has disintegrated and fallen apart and Kaleb is getting ready to take control of the PsyNet before Pure Psy or the flaws within the net manage to destroy it.The climactic battle with Pure Psy sees a coalition of humans, changelings and Psy and reunite many of our favorite characters from earlier books in the series as all factions need to work together to keep Pure Psy's chaos from coming to pass.The story is filled with intense emotion and great action scenes. The emotional intensity between Kaleb and Sahara was breath-taking and heart-breaking. I strongly recommend this episode in the Psy-Changeling series.