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Neptune's Tears - Susan Waggoner NEPTUNE'S TEARS was an engaging science fiction romance with excellent world-building and interesting characters. Zee is seventeen and an empath-in-training who works in a hospital. She is very happy in her career and very focused until she meets David Sutton, accident victim and alien.Aliens arrived on Earth when Zee was six and were not what anyone had been expecting. They were just like us except taller. They were also interested in our art and culture. David had been injured when a large shelf of Nancy Drew books fell on his head. Zee was supposed to convince him to stay in hospital but he was determined to leave. Then insta-love takes over and they both feel a connection...London and, in fact, the world is being subjected to attacks by anarchists. One common weapon of choice is the shock bomb. A shock bomb explosion precipitates David and Zee's second meeting. They work together to help the victims. Then they begin dating thought David keeps telling her their relationship is impossible.Weaving around the romance is Zee's relationship with one of her elderly patients who is dying of liver cancer. Mrs. Hart and Zee form a deep friendship and Mrs. Hart acts as a sounding board for Zee and encourages her to grab at life and love with both hands. Zee is also developing a new psychic talent. She might be a very rare diviner who will be incredibly useful in stopping further attacks by the anarchists. The story is filled with interesting detail, friendship, and romance. The only flaw that I can find is the extremely abrupt and unresolved ending. I sincerely hope that a book two is in the works.