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Cold Days (Dresden Files Series #14)

Cold Days - Jim Butcher This latest in the Harry Dresden series is packed with action and emotion and the stakes are higher than ever for Harry. This book is not one for a newcomer to the series, though. It seems to me to be very necessary to read at least CHANGES and GHOST STORY before tackling this epic volume because threads woven into those come together in this book.Almost anything I say about the plot of this book could constitute a spoiler and, even though the book has been out since November, I don't want to ruin the plot for anyone. I think that I can safely say that despite becoming the Winter Knight and being tasked with killing Maeve, Harry is still unmistakably Harry. He is always ready with a smartass remark no matter how inappropriate the situation might be for one. And Harry is always willing to put himself in the line of fire if it means protecting those he loves. He is also constantly battling to be Harry and not be taken over by the mantle of the Winter Knight.The writing is powerful and emotionally intense. I found myself needing to take breaks from this story to decompress even though I was very eager to find out what happened next. The book is very descriptive and filled with characters out of myth and nightmare. We also see characters we have become familiar with from earlier books in the series--Harry's vampire brother Thomas, Harry's apprentice Molly, Butters, Mac, Toot Toot, and even a little bit of Mouse. Fans of urban fantasy have to get to know Harry Dresden. I highly recommend this series and this book.