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Loki's Wolves: Blackwell Pages: Number 1 in series

The Blackwell Pages 01. Loki's Wolves - K. L. Armstrong;M. A. Marr LOKI'S WOLVES begins a new middle grade fantasy series by veteran authors Kelly Armstrong and Melissa Marr. This series will mine Norse mythology for its world building. This first volume was very much an introduction to the series and the characters.Matt Thorsen, a thirteen-year-old eighth grader, has always known he was a descendant of Thor. His family and his town are immersed in Norse traditions and mythology and are town leaders. His grandfather is the mayor and his father the Chief of Police. But Matt didn't know that he was to be the Champion when Ragnarok, the end of the world, came again. He certainly doesn't feel ready of qualified. He feels even less ready when he overhears his grandfather and the other elders say that they expect him to win but to die in the trying. Fen Brekke also knows that he is a descendant of Loki. He can turn into a wolf. But his home situation is bad. His parents are gone and he is passed from relative to relative for fostering. His only friend, and the only person he really cares about, is his cousin Laurie. Laurie doesn't know about being a descendant of Loki. Her mother is ordinary and her father drifts in and out of her life. Laurie is constantly trying to keep Fen out of trouble and Fen is determined to protect her from all dangers.Fen and Matt don't get along. But if Matt wants to rewrite the myths and survive Ragnarok, he and Fen will have to put aside their differences so that the descendants of Thor and of Loki can work together to save them all. This story is a journey story wherein Matt, Fen and Loki try to gather allies who will help them in their upcoming fight. With limited guidance from the Norns, they head off to gather allies while running from the wolf pack that wants Fen to join. They are also trying to avoid Matt and Laurie's parents who have put out APBs for those two. It is rather telling that no one seems to care that Fen is missing. The story is well-written but a little incomplete. Further volumes are definitely needed to answer the unanswered questions. This story could encourage readers to explore more Norse mythology to find out more about the old gods who are Matt, Fen and Laurie's ancestors.