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Poison Princess (Arcana Chronicles)

Poison Princess - Kresley Cole POISON PRINCESS begins the Arcana Chronicles which are a combination paranormal/post-apocalyptic series. The star of this book is Evie who begins the story just home from the Children's Learning Center, a behavioral clinic for kids. Her mother had sent her there because of her visions, hallucinations and disturbing drawings. She is wealthy, privileged and just a little spoiled. She is also trying desperately to fit into her old life of cheerleading, designer clothes, and just the right boyfriend while hiding that she is terrified that the hallucinations mean that she is insane. She has aural hallucinations and hears snatches of baffling phrases. She also has visions that take her to strange settings. She also has visions of of a boy who keeps issuing cryptic comments and commands. She has a strange affinity with plants too. The flowers in the school commons turn their faces toward her. She thinks that a lot of these things could be explained by her grandmother but she was committed to a mental home when Evie was eight. She didn't get a chance to do much more than tell Evie that it has something to do with the Major Arcana of Tarot cards. A new bridge has paved the way for kids from the other side of the water--poor, Catholic Cajun kids--to come to their school. One of the kids is Jackson Deveaux, quintessential bad boy. He is handsome, tough, and has a killer Cajun accent. He and Evie do not hit it off. She thinks he is rude and crude; he thinks she is stuck-up. Then the disaster happens, something, maybe a solar flare, scours the Earth and evaporates the lakes and oceans. Most people died immediately. Those who didn't were either turned to bagman who are rotting away and who are constantly seeking any moisture, cannibals, slavers, and bands of militia who are "enlisting" all the men and capturing the women. Evie and her mother survive because the heavy oaks that surrounded their plantation home kept the house from catching fire. They manage to scavenge the surrounding area for supplies, but when Evie's mother gets hurt, Evie is in desperate straits.Jackson has survived the devastation too. Now he has come to the plantation to see if Evie survived and to gather supplies as he tries to stay ahead of the militia. After her mother dies, Evie convinces Jackson to go with her from Louisiana to try to find her grandmother in North Carolina. Together they have all sorts of perilous adventures and gather other members of the Major Arcana. Along the way Evie has to learn about what her place is in the Arcana and what she is able to do. This was an entertaining beginning to a series. I look forward to finding out what happens next for Evie, Jackson and the other kids.