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Thrown By A Curve

Thrown by a Curve - Jaci Burton THROWN BY A CURVE is another sensual sports romance by Jaci Burton. Major League pitcher Garrett Scott has hurt his shoulder and is afraid he won't ever pitch again. This has become something of a self-fulfilling prophecy since it is causing him to blow off his rehab. When Alicia Riley, new sports therapist for the team, tells him to get his head out of his rear, he decides that he wants her in charge of his rehab. Of course, they are immediately attracted to each other and star in each other's sex fantasies. Alicia wants to keep things professional because she doesn't want to lose her job or her professional reputation. After Garrett gets over the grouchy and argumentative stage and after they begin living in the same house in Florida, Alicia overcomes her objections. As is the case of most romances, neither wants to tell the other when they realize that they have fallen in love which leads to all sorts of difficulties. I liked that both characters were strong characters and their relationship was balanced. Alicia certainly wasn't going to put up with any of Garrett's antics. I also liked getting a chance to catch up with the other Rileys from earlier books. The strong family dynamic filled with support and love is one of the things that make these romances so memorable. The dynamic also provides a contrast between the two characters with Alicia having strong family support and Garrett having a much more dysfunctional family. The strong friendships between Alicia and her gal pals and Garrett and his college buddies are also positives for this romance. Fans of spicy romances will enjoy this one.