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Out of Sight, Out of Time (Gallagher Girls)

Out of Sight, Out of Time - Ally Carter Cammie wakes up in a strange location and soon learns that she has lost 4 months. She remembers leaving school in early June and finds that it is now October 1. Her first call is to her mother and she is soon back at Gallagher Academy where things have changed. Her friends don't quite know how to deal with her. As one says, they can be angry with her for leaving now that she is back. Also, she fears that Zach, her almost boyfriend, has become her best friend Bex's boyfriend. Cammie is determined to remember what happened during her lost summer. She, along with her mother, aunt, friends and Zach, begins retracing her steps. They begin at Joe Solomon's hidden cabin and the search takes them to Rome and Scotland too. Each step of the way yields some clues to her summer and to the fate of her father and why the Circle of Cavan is looking for her. The story was exciting. The writing was fast-paced. The characters were well drawn and well-rounded. This is a compelling series and I can hardly wait for the conclusion in UNITED WE SPY.