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Influential Magic (Crescent City Fae)

Influential Magic - Deanna Chase INFLUENTIAL MAGIC was an entertaining new urban fantasy novel that provides a new take on faeries and vampires. Willow Roswen is a faery complete with wings. Her magic is life magic. She uses her magic on herbs and other living things to infuse them with magic. She runs a cupcake shop and sell her projects. However, in her research, she has found some other products that could be put to questionable use. One of the most liable to misuse is a product that lets someone influence the person it is given to. It is especially being misused by her aunt who runs an organization called the Void.Willow is still haunted by the death of her twin brother. When her life is threatened, she is partnered with her ex-boyfriend who has become a vampire. Vampires and faeries don't mix. Vampires have death magic; faeries have life magic. Willow has a secret ability to sense vampires which makes her especially vulnerable to a vampire's touch. Willow is having a hard time getting over the change in her ex-boyfriend who had dumped her seemingly without reason. While she still loves him, she can no longer trust him or agree with the way he lives his life.As is usual in many urban fantasy novels, this one has a love triangle. In this case her other love interest in a faery named Talisen who was her brother's best friend and who has been her friend since they were children. Willow has had a crush on him forever but is afraid, that if their love doesn't work out, she will lose his friendship too. She has watched Talisen after relationship after relationship and doesn't want to be yet another failed relationship.This story has lots of plot lines One of them is the investigation into her brother's death. Still another has to do with the buying and selling, using and misusing of influence. Another yet has to do with her aunt's desire to send Willow to testing to find out why she can sense vampires and learn about another new power she has recently discovered.The story is well-written; the world building works; the characters are well-rounded and interesting people. Fans of urban fantasy will enjoy this one.