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Her Knight in Black Leather

Her Knight in Black Leather - J.M. Stewart This was a short, sweet contemporary romance with just enough danger to add a little excitement. Michael Brant returns to his home town to try to reconcile with his critically ill father. He had left many years before because of a scandal that left him heart-broken and feeling guilty. Cat Edwards had come home to the same town because she was tired of running. Both characters had troubled pasts. Cat was trying to live down her mother's reputation which sent them fleeing when Cat was young. Her mother had affairs and was very selfish. She had sent Cat back to her father when she was seventeen and then disappeared. Cat's reputation was colored by that of her mother's. To compensate, Cat tried to be invisible.They meet when Michael rescues Cat from an over-enthusiastic drunk. Her best friend had convinced her that she should let loose to get over the humiliation supplied by her cheating boyfriend. Cat doesn't know Michael or know about his past troubles. She accepts him as he is which is unique for the rich son of one of the town's founders. They have a number of conflicts to overcome. Both are suffering from misplaced guilt. They want different lifestyles in that she is home and he can't wait to leave. They are thrown together when someone starts making threatening phone calls to Cat. The caller also attacks Cat's roommate and trashes her father's bookstore. Michael suggests a fake engagement so that he can protect her. It isn't long before both of them want the engagement to be real and want to find a way to compromise so that the other can fit into their life.This was an engaging romance that would be just right to read at the beach while sipping a tall, fruity drink. Don't think about it too closely though. I didn't think the villain made much sense.