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Dark Waters

Dark Waters - Toni Anderson Anna Silver is jolted out of the safe but boring life she has made for herself when she gets a phone call from her ex-con father Davis who says he has stumbled on a plot to steal $60 million which he has diverted and moved to another account. He says he is sending her proof and wants her to go to his best friend to keep her safe. Then her father is killed.Anna travels to an isolated part of British Colombia to see Brent Carver who was her father's cellmate when he was in prison and who is his best friend. Brent was sentence to life in prison at the age of sixteen for killing his father who was beating Brent's younger brother again. Brent feels guilty for killing the father he loved. So guilty that he has isolated himself from anyone who might get close to him. He discovered a talent for art while in prison and is now a famous painter though he uses another name.Brent will do anything to keep from going back to prison. He isn't eager to get involved when Anna comes to see him. But he owes her father a debt because of their friendship. And, besides, he is halfway in love with Anna because of the letters she wrote her father that he read aloud over and over again. The villains are ex-military who earned their money doing black ops and mercenary activities. They will do anything to get their money back and really want the information Anna's father mailed to her. The prime villain is a loony named Rand who gets off on raping and torturing women. Finding Anna will give him the opportunity to do that as well as get their money back. Another plot thread features Anna's mother Katherine and her second husband Ed. Katherine didn't handle her first husband's conviction as an embezzler well but Ed was their to pick up the pieces. Now she is stronger and beginning to resent how controlling Ed is. When she finds out that her first husband has died, she feels a mixture of guilt and grief. The story is filled with action and excitement. It is also filled with Anna and Brent falling in love despite the obstacles of their backgrounds and their current problems. I enjoyed this story very much and look forward to more by Toni Anderson.