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Judgment in Death (In Death Series #11)

Judgment in Death (In Death Series #11) - JUDGMENT IN DEATH is the eleventh book in the In Death series. This is a re-read for me as I am enjoying the series again by reading all of the books in order. For me, I divide the books into three parts. The first part is the mystery itself. The second part is the growth of Eve and Roarke's relationship. The final part is how Eve's circle of friends is expanding.First the mystery. Eve is called to one of Roarke's bars and finds that a cop who was moonlighting as a bartender had been brutally murdered. The investigation ties him to a previously blown investigation into crime boss Max Riker and to police corruption in the 128th Precinct. While I don't always remember various mysteries, this time I did remember who the murderer was. It was still entertaining to watch Eve do the investigation as she investigates Riker and the officers in the 128th.Second the relationship. Eve and Roarke have a fight here because each of them is determined to protect the other. Eve goes to taunt Riker even though she knows that he and Roarke had a previous business relationship and Riker wants revenge on Roarke. Worse still, she panics and lies to Roarke about it. Roarke gives Eve the cold shoulder which throws her out of balance. A cute scene is the one where she and Mavis get drunk together and talk about what Eve should do. Even though this is the eleventh book in the series, by internal chronology, they have only been married for one year. Both of them are testing the boundaries of their relationship. Third Eve's circle of friends. Lieutenant Don Webster, now of Internal Affairs but formerly a one night stand for Eve, plays a big role in this episode. He makes a pass at Eve and Roarke beats him up which just compounds the problems he and Eve are having. Dr. Mira also admits to Eve that she thinks of her as a daughter which Eve characterizes as "weird but nice." What I find interesting is that we don't see Roarke's circle of friends but he is fitting seamlessly into hers. Anytime one of Roarke's friends makes an appearance in the series, they are always characterized as someone who was a friend from earlier in his life with whom he has lost contact. This was another great story in a series that just gets stronger with each book.