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The Deepest Night

The Deepest Night - Shana Abe THE DEEPEST NIGHT was lush, atmospheric, adventurous and romantic. Lora and Armand must travel from England to Germany, during World War I, to rescue Armand's older brother who is a prisoner of war in Germany.Lora is still grieving the loss of her love Jesse who became a star in the first book. She is also coming to terms with the idea that she is drakon. While she is getting better at turning to smoke, she is still often unsuccessful at assuming her dragon form. Armand, also drakon, is not yet able to shift into either form. Armand, the rich son of a duke who has been committed to a madhouse, has also fallen in love with Lora who is a nameless orphan and charity student at an exclusive girls' school. Their social classes couldn't be farther apart.They spend time together because they are both drakon but Lora is not ready to fall in love with him. When he turns his home into a facility that provides care for wounded soldiers, Lora is invited to work as a nurse. Her only other option is to work at an orphanage in Scotland which is not acceptable to her. After much practice at turning into a dragon and much planning, Armand and Lora take off to rescue Armand's brother Aubrey. Along the way they face many dangerous situations. Things are even more complicated when Armand makes his first shift into smoke and is almost lost. Lora makes a deal with the stars to exchange her life for his. Armand survives but now Lora is waiting for her life to end. I enjoyed this well-written fantasy novel and look forward to the next book to see what happens next for the characters. Both this book and the first in the series - THE SWEETEST DARK - will appeal to fantasy lovers, romance lovers, and lovers of historical fiction.