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The Trouble With Spells

The Trouble With Spells  - Lacey Weatherford What a terrific feel-good romance! I loved the story of Portia and Vance. She finds out on her sixteenth birthday that she is a hereditary witch. She learns that her grandmother and father are in charge of a powerful coven that is protecting Vance Mangum from his evil father. Vance is the boy that she took one look at and fell in love with when she was 14. He stayed away from her until she was sixteen both to protect her and to keep his promise to the coven. But now they can be together. They have a great romance but danger is still lurking. Portia is almost run down by a car and an explosion in her school chemistry lab almost kills her. Vance is kidnapped by evil demons because of his power. Only the bond between them lets Portia find him. Excellent start to a series that will appeal to any teenage romance lover.