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Fetching - Kiera Stewart This was a great story about the ups and downs of middle school. Olivia and her friends are tired of being the social outcasts of the school. When Olivia decides that they should try some of the techniques the her grandmother uses in dog training on their fellow students, they are skeptical but willing to try. And, all too soon, they begin seeing the positive results of their actions. The former alpha dog - Brynne - is now the social outcast and all of the kids are going through changes.Olivia is torn between the success of her strategies and feeling sorry for Brynne. Somehow she has become Brynne's only friend and lost touch with her other friends. When she wants to mend fences with her friends, Brynne doesn't react well.This story had all the pain and drama of middle school life - changing friendships, crushes, social embarrassment. It brought back my own memories of those days. It really doesn't matter how far you have come from middle school, some of the trauma remains. It is such a hard time for kids because emotions are so volatile. The story was well-written and the characters were very realistic. I really liked Olivia's viewpoint and her strength coping with all the changes in her life. Middle graders might be tempted to try Olivia's techniques. Hopefully their results will be better than Olivia's.