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Witchful Thinking (Jolie Wilkins Series #3)

Witchful Thinking (Jolie Wilkins Series #3) - I got to the end of this one and said "Huh?" I soldiered through 312 repetitious pages of Jolie dithering and second guessing and third guessing herself only to reach a very inconclusive conclusion. This one had so many possibilities. The setting was great. The characters were varied and represented a wide-variety of paranormal species. The potential for a romantic triangle was there. But, ultimately, this one left me feeling flat.Part of the problem for me was the first person narration by Jolie. I just couldn't empathize with her indecisiveness. She made so many bad decisions that I just hung in there to see if she would ever manage to straighten out her very complicated life. She was so self-deprecating that I couldn't understand why one hot man...err, warlock...would ever fall for her let alone why two would. While Rand and Sinjin were both pretty, neither was my idea of a romantic hero. Rand was portrayed as over-analytical. So much so that he came across as wishy-washy and constantly blowing hot and cold. Sinjin, the beautiful vampire, was almost completely opaque to us. Jolie persisted in seeing him through rose-colored glasses and refused to accept what he actually said about his motivations. Why he wanted her for more than sex and lunch was completely beyond me. Maybe he didn't .... but the ending?Ultimately, I couldn't figure out what the story was about other than Jolie's complicated relationships with Rand and Sinjin. There was no other conflict in this one. I did have some hopes the Mercedes - the prophetess - had some sort of agenda but nothing ever happened. All she did was act as a puppet master railroading Jolie into becoming the Queen of the Underworld which put her more into conflict with republican Rand but seemed to have no other effect.All in all, I can't recommend this story. I got to the last chapter and just about threw the book across the room because it looked like it was going to be an "it was all a dream" ending only to throw in a plot twist that was absolutely unexpected and mind-boggling. It looks like more books are planned for this series but I will never know how it all works out, I give up.