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A Rising Thunder (Honor Harrington)

A Rising Thunder - David Weber If you like political intrigue and political maneuvering, this is the story for you. There is relatively little action of the space-ship battle sort in this episode of the Honor Harrington series and not very much of Honor either. This story takes us all around the universe but seems to concentrate on the actions of the handful of upper level bureaucrats who really run the Solarian League. I feel that Permanent Senior Undersecretary Kolokoltsov of the Solarian League, one of those bureaucrats, got the most "page-time" of any of the individual characters in this story. The story concerns the growing and escalating conflict between Manticore and the Solarian League that has been fomented partially by the maneuvering of the Mesan Alliance and partially by the egocentric attitudes of the Solarian League. This story also cements the new alliance between long-time enemies Manticore and the Republic of Haven. A new alliance is forming that also includes Beowulf, a long-time League member who has close financial and person ties with Manticore. In fact, the Chairman of the Board of Directors (the governing body) is Honor's uncle. Reading this one was like watching a train wreck in slow motion. All the various actions are leading to a fall for the Solarian League. As detail piles on detail the bureaucrats in charge are doing all they can to spin events their way and try to find something that will save their jobs and power and, incidentally, save the Solarian League. To throw in another metaphor, the bureaucrats are "rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic."There weren't a lot of things of a personal nature in this one. We could see the growing friendship between Empress Elizabeth of Manticore and Eloise Pritchart, the President of the Republic of Haven. We got to see a little of the relationship between Honor and her husband Hamish and wife Emily. We got to see Crown Prince Roger marry his commoner love Rifka in a combination Roman Catholic and Jewish ceremony! But most of the relationships were brief and political.This is an episode for those who are very familiar with the Honorverse. Newcomers would be both baffled and bored with the constantly shifting scenes between people who come and go with great rapidity. Hopefully, this one is leading up to something with more excitement and more face time for Honor. It did have brief moments of humor and poignancy but they were almost buried by political maneuvering. I rank this one "for devoted fans only."