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Good As Gone
Douglas Corleone
Timothy Miller


Crewel - Readers looking for another dystopia with a feisty but not foolhardy heroine will find much to enjoy in this beginning of a new trilogy. Adelice showed a gift for weaving matter and time from a young age but her parents have been teaching her how to conceal the gift when she is tested. Unfortunately, she loses focus for a bit and reveals much more than she should have to the testers. They come for her in the night. And, when her parents attempt to escape, her father is killed and her mother and sister's fate is not known.Adelice is swept into the world of the Spinsters and quickly get embroiled in a number of plots. She doesn't know who she can trust. It seems that everyone from the Cormac Patton, the Coventry Ambassador for the Guild of Twelve, to her mentor Enora have hidden agendas and buried secrets. She also gains almost instant enemies in Maela, a Spinster who is hungry for power and privilege, and Pryana, another new Spinster, who is jealous of what she perceives as Adelice's privileges. Then there are the two young men in the story - Erik who seems to be Maela's boy toy, and Jost who is the head valet for the compound.Adelice learns startling things about her world from Loricel who is the most powerful Spinster and known as the Creweler. She is surprised and dismayed to learn that she is the only one who has the power to be the next Creweler. Her hatred for the Guild and for the life that is planned for her has her looking for a way out but finding a place to go seems impossible.This story is a portrayal of the adage that absolute power corrupts absolutely and that a pretty outside can hide unimaginable rot and evil inside. I look forward to reading the next books in this trilogy and am very eager for the second book RIGHT NOW because, although our heroine and her companions are out of immediate danger, they have entered a world they know nothing about.I look forward to sharing this story with my students. I think that they will be glad to get to know Adelice and her companions.