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Falling For Her Fiance: An Accidentally in Love Novel (Entangled: Bliss)

Falling For Her Fiance - Cindi Madsen I like the "best friends become lovers" trope and was expecting to enjoy this story. I did... but I did have some trouble with the pacing of the story. It seemed to take at least two-thirds of the books before the romance actually started. Dani and Wes had a great friendship. Each one was the other's best friend. They don't live in the same city but they keep in contact with phone calls and texts. When Dani and knee surgery, Wes dropped everything to be with her. Their friendship did take a toll on their relationships with others though. Wes's fiané broke up with him because he put Dani first over her. Dani's relationship with the man she left town with has also broken down. It turns out that both Wes and Dani are comparing anyone they date to their best friend and no one measures up. You would think that would be a clue for each of them to try a romantic relationship with the other. Both of them are afraid to change the parameters of their friendship. He hit on her once while they were in college when they both had had too much to drink. It was a major failure that almost ruined their friendship. Now Dani needs a fake fiancé at a work retreat because she wants a promotion in this couples friendly company; Wes needs a fake fiancé for his sister's wedding because his ex-fiancé is part of the wedding party. Sounds like it should be easy but neither one thought of the possible consequences. Dani feels guilty about deceiving his family even while she is wishing she really could become a member of it. To make matters worse, both Wes and Dani are noticing their best friend in new sexual ways and neither is sure what to do with their new feelings which they are certain are not being returned by the other. It takes a lot of misunderstandings and some great acts of courage before these best friends become fiancés for real which seems to happen in the last couple of pages of the book and which leaves a number of issues unresolved, i.e. where they are going to live and what work each is going to do.Fans of the "friends into lovers" trope will enjoy this story.