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Mind Games

Mind Games - MIND GAMES was a heart-breaking yet hopeful story of two sisters—both with psychic gifts—who become the property of the Keane School where threats against each of them keeps the other bound. Annie is the older girl. She is blind yet she has a gift for seeing the future. It works best when she is seeing her sister Fia's future. She was eager to go to the school at first because they promised to educate her and possibly even cure her blindness. Her blindness to what is really going on at the school has less to do with her lack of vision and more to do with wishful thinking.Fia is the younger sister. She was tasked by her parents—before their deaths in a traffic accident—to take care of her sister. She has a much rarer and more desirable gift. When she is confronted with choices, she always picks the correct one. Fia is trained to be a killer and is used for corporate espionage and assassinations despite being only seventeen when the story takes place. The way she has been used has almost broken her mind. She is constantly angry and afraid for her sister. The third major character in the story is James who is the son of the Keane who is training and using the girls. James inherited the school from his mother who was the psychic who started the school in order to save psychic girls. She is dead now and James blames his father. At the same time, he seems to be a perfect son following his fathers. He is the most mysterious character in the book. Annie hates him and Fia is torn between hating him and loving him. The character who was the game changer was Adam. Fia was sent to kill him but couldn't follow through even though she knew it would likely cost Annie her life. When she found out that Annie was the one who targeted Adam in the first place, she felt betrayed. Annie had seen a vision that linked Adam with the deaths of some psychic girls. Adam was "rescued" by a group of people who were trying to save psychic girls before the Keane School acquires them. Adam is a brilliant young doctor and researcher who is studying brains to see if he can find out where psychic gifts come from. Fia likes him because he gives her a picture of what a normal life would be like.The style of the book required careful reading. The story was not told in a linear fashion. Each chapter jumped around in time and switched viewpoints between Annie and Fia. But every chapter helped build the sense of mystery and danger. Readers will engage with the characters and will want to follow along to see if Fia and Annie can ever have a happy ending.