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Dangerous Refuge: A Novel

Dangerous Refuge - Elizabeth Lowell Elizabeth Lowell writes great romantic suspense novels and DANGEROUS REFUGE was no exception. LA homicide detective Tanner Davis comes home after the unexpected death of his uncle Lorne. Shaye Townsend found his body. She had been working with him to try to convince him to leave his land to the Ranch Conservatory program after his death. However, her airhead boss Kimberli brought Lorned the wrong contract and made him so angry that he was on the verge of signing the papers backing out of the deal when he died.Tanner hears about what Shaye saw when she discovered Lorne's body and his homicide cop instincts told him that the death was suspicious. The County Sheriff, a political hack, determined that Lorne died of natural causes. Tanner, with Shaye's help, decides to investigate on his own.Their investigation turn up all sorts of shady characters including the politician who wants to use the governorship of Nevada as a stepping stone to the White House, the developer who had plans that included Lorne's land, the casino owner who wanted to build a bigger and better casino, and Shaye's boss who was pretty stupid but really easy to manipulate. Shaye and Tanner compliment each other nicely. He has the tough edges and the skill at investigations; she has the tact and connections that gain access to the people Tanner wants to talk to. They are intrigued with each other but Shaye is at home in Refuge, Nevada and Tanner's home is LA. The story was exciting and the climactic chase through the deserted heights near Refuge where Shaye is trying to get away from the man who wants to murder her and Tanner is racing against time to catch up was heart-pounding.I recommend this title to fans of romantic suspense.